Tripod Turnstile VIGA-538

  • Models: VIGA-538
  • Tripod Turnstile VIGA-538

 This equipment is integrated with mechanism, electric and micro-controller and various kinds of identification technologies, compatible with IC, ID, barcode, fingerprint reader and so on to prvoide intelligent control and  management to flow control. Durable, anti-rusty. provide orderly passage to people, anti-illegal entry or exit, smooth operation, low noise. arm drops off in condition of emergencies.

This model is widely used in bus station, port, subway, factory, mansion, residential area, hotel, companies and so on any place that requires a smart flow control.

○ Material: SUS 304 

○ work voltage: AC220V±10% 50HZ±10%

○ Core: DC24V  solenoid valve

○ Size: 1200*280*1000mm

○ Arm length: 500mm

○ Max bearing force : 80KG

○ Max lane width: 550MM

○ Rotation direction for arm: left or right, or bi-directional

○ Led direction indicator

○ Card reading window: standard or customized

○ Work envirnoment: indoor or outdoor, 10℃~70℃ , relative humidity: :≤90%, no condensation

○ Barrier open time: 0.2s

○ Transit speed: 30 people/minute

○ Emergency : auto drop for arm 

○ Normal work life: 3,000,000 times

○ Communication interface: RS 485, distance ≤1200m

○ Input interface: relay switch signal, 12V level signal or 12V pulse signal, pulse width>100ms,drive current >10mA

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