About Us

Vigatech is a leading professional electronic product brand with a factory in Vietnam, was first established and registered in 2002 in Vietnam. We specialize in manufacturing magnetic card reader, fingerprint reader, access control device, Magnetic lock, Latch lock, Lock holder, Automatic door lock and switches .....

Vigatech is a leading electric lock brand in Vietnam with the criteria of ensuring durable quality and stable operation of equipment. Products of Vigatech brand are manufactured on high-tech lines with the most advanced production equipment.

All of our products have undergone standard quality tests for their power consumption and check that the parameters are correct. They conform to international standards and security requirements.

Currently our products are widely used in airports, banks, smart buildings, smart public areas and other important places. It meets convenience, fast, and smart access management for users around the globe.

Compared with other company's equipment, our products have more stable performance, competitive price and better warranty service. Currently, our electric locks have been sold in all provinces and in many countries around the world, and have received many good reviews from domestic and foreign customers.

Vigatech in Vietnam has a highly qualified technical team. Our products are always subject to rigorous product testing before being sold to the market. Vigatech has become a supplier of security surveillance equipment in Vietnam market and around the world.

In order to provide our customers with premium products and services, all of our products have been made digitally with automated processing equipment, thus ensuring each product has high precision.

After the strict control of production and assembly process and quality control, we guarantee that each product is of high quality, furthermore we provide 2 years free warranty for all product.

Vigatech always puts high quality standards on top to provide good quality products and design new products and bring more convenience, safety and perfection to meet projects and create more more value to our customers. We are committed to the convenience, safety and reliability of our products, this is our criterion and our commitment to Vigatech products can meet all your requirements. row.